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Cigar Boxes
cigar box juggling

History: Cigar Box manipulation was a popular act in the United States during the Vaudeville Era (1880's-1920's) and was made famous by W.C. Fields, an early movie star. Originally, players would takes boxes that cigars were shipped and stored in and nailed them shut. Modern Cigar Boxes are simply hollow wooden or plastic blocks with leather on the ends.

How it Works: Cigar boxes are juggled by holding rectangular box in each hand and then manipulating a third box in between them. The middle box can be tossed, flipped, and switched in a stop and go pattern. The action requires quite a bit of knee bending to get the momentum needed to do the tricks and can be exhausting. Expert players make it look easy and people watching often think there are magnets in the boxes. The boxes can also be stacked and balanced. The world record for balancing the most cigar boxes is 211 boxes for 9 seconds.

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